New Cultural Histories of India

by Partha Chatterjee


New Cultural Histories of India | 9780198090373 | Partha Chatterjee

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Published:01/05/2014 by OUP India


This book examines the new orientations in the writing of cultural histories of India from the pre-colonial and early modern period into the postcolonial and contemporary era. It analyses the ‘materialist’ turn through wide-ranging textual, visual, aural, ritual, and spatial resources like eighteenth-century scribal literature in western India, art deco architecture in twentieth century Calcutta, contemporary urban spaces, early illustrated Bengali almanacs,
circulating heads in Naga hills, football in Calcutta’s politics, performance and film-making studies in south India, and Mayawati’s monuments in Lucknow. The essays examine how recent interdisciplinary studies have enriched our understanding of cultural pasts and presents. Providing an overview of the
popular and public manifestations of cultures over time, this volume traces the distinct trajectory of cultural histories of India. It highlights the need for a more dynamic formulation of new cultural history of India in the present era of globalization.