Native Realm: A Search for Self-Definiti

by Czeslaw Milosz


Native Realm: A Search for Self-Definiti | 9780141392288 | Czeslaw Milosz

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:27/03/2014 by Penguin Books Ltd


After The Second World War, Czeslaw Milosz was exiled for many years from his home country of Poland. In Native Realm, he evokes that homeland and his years away from it; how it nurtured him and how its divisions and destruction shaped a generation. Exploring such diverse memories as a Soviet officer drinking tea with his little finger sticking out, or two Chinese girls passing, laughing, by a New York subway station, Milosz uses these to both ‘bring Europe closer to the Europeans’ and to capture the formative moments in his life, from his Catholic education to his time in Paris, all with his distinctive honesty, elegance and self-awareness.

Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature