My Life as a Russian Novel

by Emmanuel Carrere


My Life as a Russian Novel | 9781784705817 | Emmanuel Carrere

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:01/02/2018 by Vintage Publishing


‘As a writer, Carrere is straight berserk’ Junot Diaz

In this non-fiction novel – road trip, confession, and erotic tour de force – Emmanuel Carrere pursues two consuming obsessions: the disappearance of his grandfather amid suspicions that he was a Nazi collaborator in the Second World War; and a violently passionate affair with a woman that he loves but which ends in destruction. Moving between Paris and Kotelnich, a grisly post-Soviet town, Carrere weaves his story into a travelogue of a journey inward, travelling fearlessly into the depths of his tortured psyche.

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