Mummy Time


Mummy Time | 9781529515862 | Monique James-Duncan

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Published:02/03/2023 by Walker Books Ltd


This intimate picture book debut captures the joys – and occasional struggles – of being a stay-at-home parent.
Rollicking rhyme and playful illustrations record a day in the life of two rambunctious children and their stay-at-home mother. As fun as it is being a kid, it can be hard work being a mum. When Dad heads to his job, the joyful chaos of getting ready for the day begins. To the children, that day is a happy blur of school and playdates, singing and dancing, supermarket walks and library stops, bath time, story time, bedtime. But Mummy’s time is filled with a whole lot more – sweeping, laundry, stinky nappies- tiring work achieved with love in her eyes and care in her smiles. An authentic catalogue of precious moments in the life of an ordinary family, this warm, revealing story builds a bridge of empathy between parent and child and celebrates the value of “Mummy time.”

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