More Midweek Meals: Delicious Ideas for Daily Dinner


More Midweek Meals: Delicious Ideas for Daily Dinner | 9780717195527 | Neven Maguire



Published:27/10/2022 by Gill


Neven Maguire’s award-winning and bestselling Midweek Meals inspired thousands of families all around Ireland with practical and delicious ideas for the daily dinner. Now Neven is back with another 100 fantastic family favourites for Monday to Friday!

Sections include ‘Roasting Tin’ for simple one-dish dinners, ‘Home Comforts’ for cosy eating, ‘All-Time Favourites’, which include Neven’s most requested recipes (if in doubt, start here!) and ‘Make Ahead’ for lots of inspiration for batch cooking or slow cooker recipes.

Once again, this modern, family-friendly cookbook will inspire you to eat well every day. Let Neven worry about the daily dinner, so you don’t have to!

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