Moonlight: A Full Moon

by Louise C Callaghan


Moonlight: A Full Moon | 9781912561933 | Louise C Callaghan

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Published:31/08/2021 by Salmon Poetry


Here is this marvellous poet of elegies and celebrations, seasons and servants, of boarding school and trundling foreign journeys. Louise C. Callaghan has a keen eye for detail and a poet?s gifted ear. “Moonlight: A Full Moon” is a book rich in detail, from the Luas epiphany of ?Winter Solstice? to the telling memories of ?The Diplomat?s Daughter?. Callaghan has created a series of narratives of life in lockdown during the Covid pandemic, some playful and others dedicated to our lost heroes, Eavan Boland and Derek Mahon. With the deepening grace and poise of her verse-craft, “Moonlight: A Full Moon” is an important new collection of poems.
–Thomas McCarthy

The lie of the Island, every named
field, every rock and stone
is gathered in the eye of its music:
Mid the uncertainty, our compass-rose.

Louise C. Callaghan once again evokes here the landscape and the people of Inis Me?in (?Cartography & Music?). Her writing displays a passion for and a commitment to the art of poetry which, in shaping, continues to give meaning to the life of this accomplished poet.
–Jane Clarke

Whether it be the aerodynamics of a murmuration, the balm and rage of the sea, or the precision of a lyre-maker, Callaghan captures moments of our world with a quiet intensity ? making the everyday resonant and clear. This book is a treasure trove of observation and soul sharing. The fact that the poems are accessible, yet profound, makes “Moonlight: A Full Moon” a deeply satisfying read.
–Manch?n Magan

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