Microscopic Marvels


Microscopic Marvels | 9780717192786 | Jennifer Delaney

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:11/03/2022 by Gill


‘Get colouring and let yourself be inspired by the marvels of the microscopic world as you make your way through this fascinating and important book.’ Professor Luke O’Neill

This distinctive colouring book explores the beauty of microscopic life, from vaccines and viruses to protozoa and algae. Go on a journey of scientific discovery as your colours illuminate a hidden world beyond the limits of our own vision.

Bring to life the nucleocapsid protein of the Covid-19 virus, the overlapping frill of the delphinium peregrinum seed and the shell-like carapace of a water-flea as you discover the startling and unexpected beauty of life under the lens.

Containing over 60 detailed illustrations from the natural world, including a coronavirus vaccine on the cover and inside, this book is a calming celebration of small science.

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