Marina Carr: Plays 2: On Raftery’s Hill;

by Marina Carr


Marina Carr: Plays 2: On Raftery’s Hill; | 9780571248032 | Marina Carr

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:15/10/2009 by Faber & Faber


On Raftery’s Hill
‘This is a play that howls to be seen; its courage is matched only by its dramatic power.’ Sunday Independent

‘An astonishing piece of theatre. Interweaving themes drawn from Irish, Greek and biblical myth, she spins a tale of power that is honest, emotional, dark and true . . . Die to see it.’ Irish Examiner

Woman and Scarecrow
‘Drama doesn’t come much richer or stranger than this death-bed lament. Ravishing in its dense, literary language, it is as visceral as it is intellectual. It lingers not only in the ear and brain, but in the imagination and the gut. An extraordinary brew, bittersweet and totally intoxicating.’ The Times

The Cordelia Dream
‘A brave piece and clearly charged with deep feeling. . . This is certainly unsettling territory and Carr boldly goes for it.’ Financial Times

‘An extraordinary play that lures us in with a promise of the recognisable only to drag us screaming into the soaring, magnificent possibilities of love and the destruction that it wreaks.’ Irish Independent