Make Believe: A True Story


Make Believe: A True Story | 9781783787449 | Diana Athill

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:02/06/2022 by Granta Books


Following a turbulent upbringing, a history of addiction and a committal to an asylum, the teachings of Malcolm X changed Hakim Jamal’s life. He became an eloquent, rousing spokesperson for the Nation of Islam movement, moved to London, began a relationship with Gale Benson – the daughter of a British MP – and published a book about Malcolm X, with Diana Athill. Before long, however, he began behaving erratically again, and believed himself to be God.

Raw and unflinching, Make Believe is a memoir of friendship, love, mania and injustice. A witness to his struggles, Athill reflects on her relationship with Hakim with characteristic empathy and candour, whilst charting the events that led to Gale’s – and not long after, Hakim’s – murder.

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