Maigret and the Tall Woman: Inspector Ma


Maigret and the Tall Woman: Inspector Ma | 9780241277386 | Georges Simenon

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:01/12/2016 by Penguin Books Ltd


‘Compelling, remorseless, brilliant’ John Gray

‘When he had set them to work, Maigret had had a merry, almost fierce glint in his eye. He had set them loose on the house like a pack of hounds on the trail of a scent, encouraging them not with his voice, but by his whole attitude . . . would events have played out in the same manner, if the man from Rue de la Ferme hadn’t been a heavyweight like him, both physically and psychologically?’

This novel has been published in previous translations as Maigret and the Burglar’s Wife.

‘One of the greatest writers of the twentieth century . . . Simenon was unequalled at making us look inside, though the ability was masked by his brilliance at absorbing us obsessively in his stories’ Guardian

‘A supreme writer . . . unforgettable vividness’ Independent

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