Love Joy Peace

by Thomas Kinsella


Love Joy Peace | 9781906614508 | Thomas Kinsella

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:08/11/2011 by Dedalus Press


Love Joy Peace is No.29 in the Peppercanister series of pamphlets by Thomas Kinsella
“Irish poets of a certain age, tormented by the unrepeatable example of the later Yeats, are jockeying a little too obviously for the mantle of prophet, trying too hard for the world-historical note. Thomas Kinsella, by dint of a dry, compassionate irony, perfected over half a lifetime, seems to have slipped quietly past that myth to a late excellence all his own, containing, every so often, the only thing that matters, the moment of moral knowledge.” — Harry Clifton, The Irish Times

“Kinsella is one of the finest poets of the last century, in Ireland or out of it” — Justin Quinn, Poetry Review

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