Lobbying Wyn Grant

by Wyn Grant


Lobbying Wyn Grant | 9781526126689 | Wyn Grant

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:19/03/2018 by Manchester University Press


Is lobbying, particularly by ‘lobbyists for hire’, resulting in a distortion of the democratic process? Does business, with its highly sophisticated and well-resourced lobbying operations, have an undue influence on decisions by politicians?

The book assess the impact of lobbying on the UK political system, the extent to which it shapes the political decision-making process and the extent to which this influence is beneficial or malign. The book outlines various lobbying groups and their methods of persuasion, plus the weakness of political action groups and social media when faced with the might of the lobbying industry.

The book is ideal reading for anyone seeking an introduction to lobbying. — .