Living With History: Occasional Writings

by Felix M. Larkin


Living With History: Occasional Writings | 9781916476462 | Felix M. Larkin

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Format:Paperback / softback


Felix M. Larking is a historian and retired public servant. Having studied history at University College Dublin before joining the Irish Public Service, he enjoys in his retirement a second career as a non-stipendiary historian. This book gathers together his occasional writings- conference papers, newspaper and magazine articles, book reviews and blogs. They cover mostly historical subjects, historical cartoons, the Irish revolution, the American presidency and James Joyce’s Dublin. It is a book that can be read sequentially, but is equally enjoyable if dipped into at random. Its complements Larkin’s major academic work: his book on the Shemus cartoons in the Freeman’s Journal and the twenty-sox essays published in edited collections and scholarly journals.

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