Lilly and Her Slave


Lilly and Her Slave | 9781914484148 | Hans Fallada

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:14/07/2022 by Scribe Publications


Previously unpublished stories by the bestselling author of Alone in Berlin.

In September 1925, Hans Fallada handed himself in to the police. Not yet a bestselling author, Fallada had repeatedly embezzled funds to finance his alcohol and morphine addictions. Desperate to escape his demons, he sought a prison cell.

Now court documents from Fallada’s imprisonment have recently been uncovered, and with them a never-before-seen collection of short stories. Through complex characters at odds with society, Fallada explored the lived the lives of women and male outsiders.

These stories reveal to a new generation of readers Fallada’s immense gifts and his intense inner battles.

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