by Laura McVeigh


Lenny *SIGNED COPIES* | 9781848408241 | Laura McVeigh

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:18/03/2022 by New Island Books


A magical tale of family, loss and the redemptive power of the imagination to heal and survive. In the Ubari Sand Sea in 2011, during the First Libyan Civil War, a mysterious pilot falls from the sky ? a sky devil ? and is forever changed by the little boy who rescues him.

One year later, in the town of Roseville, Louisiana, in the aftermath of economic crisis and corporate environmental damage, 10-year-old Lenny Lockhart is losing the people and things dearest to him. His only friends now are his plucky, elderly neighbour, Miss Julie, and the town?s lonely librarian, Lucy Albert.

Homeless and neglected, Lenny heads deep into the dark and unpredictable bayou, determined to conquer the sinkhole that is threatening to swallow his town. As time seems to be simultaneously slowing down and running out, is it really Lenny who needs saving, or the broken adults in his life?

As these two timelines converge, Lenny tells a deeply affecting story of family and love, the ways we can be kind, and the power of one boy?s imagination to heal and survive.

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