Layli and Majnun

by Nezami Ganjavi


Layli and Majnun | 9780143133995 | Nezami Ganjavi

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:09/02/2021 by Penguin Putnam Inc


One of the great works of Persian literature in a masterful new translationCalled ‘the Romeo and Juliet of the East’ by Lord Byron, Layli and Majnun is a classic tale of forbidden love that gained widespread popularity following its depiction in this twelfth-century narrative poem. Much like the lovers in the Shakespearean classic, Layli and Majnun’s star-crossed lovers have become icons of both Persian literature and popular culture thanks to Nizami’s accessible narrative poem, which is translated here in rhyming couplets by the acclaimed poet and scholar of Persian literature Dick Davis.

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