Landing Light

by Paterson, Don


Landing Light | 9780571220649 | Paterson, Don

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Format:Paperback / softback


WINNER OF THE WHITBREAD PRIZE FOR POETRY 2003Landing Light is Don Paterson’s most accomplished and spiritual collection to date. In these poems, he guides us down the labyrinths of our deepest and most private concerns, pursuing the intimacy that the spoken – as well as the printed – word brings. Ceaselessly inquiring, deftly tuned into the emotional crackle of the world, Paterson explores the swings of light and dark that mark our most troubling feelings: utterance and silence, disclosure and concealment, and ultimately the need to both renew and to face finality.

‘I couldn’t get Don Paterson’s brilliant Landing Light out of my head.’ Spectator’The most animated and animating volume of new poems I have read for years.’ Times Literary Supplement

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