Journey Through the Body

by Eoin Kelleher


Journey Through the Body | 9781781177082 | Eoin Kelleher

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Published:20/09/2019 by The Mercier Press Ltd


Have you ever wondered what your body is really like on the inside? Have you ever asked yourself how it all works? Perhaps you have read about it, but found that words were not enough. Thankfully, a picture speaks a thousand words.

Journey Through The Body: A Visual Exploration is an immersive book that brings the body to life for young and old alike. Going beyond realistic depictions of human anatomy, it brings the reader on an immersive trip around the body’s organs, with imaginative illustrations that are not just enjoyable but also explain how the body works. These illustrations reimagine the human body, drawing inspiration from a wide variety of artistic styles, from Francis Bacon to the Impressionists, with enough detail and intricacies to entice the reader into the act of colouring.