Jingle Bells: A Magical Cut-Paper Edition


Jingle Bells: A Magical Cut-Paper Edition | 9781406364446 | James Lord Pierpont

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Published:05/11/2015 by Walker Books Ltd


A beautifully illustrated cut-paper mini edition of the classic Christmas song, with a spectacular pop-up finale.

This beautiful cut-paper edition of “Jingle Bells” features a spectacular pop-up finale and silhouette illustrations by Niroot Puttapipat, illustrator of The Night Before Christmas. “Jingle Bells” is an irreplaceable part of Christmas celebrations, and this is the perfect book to share on Christmas Eve. With the turn of each page, the scene transforms, capturing the thrill of sleigh-riding in the snow and the magic of the Christmas season. An ideal gift, and a book to treasure for ever.

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