Jen’s Journey: How I changed my life, me


Jen’s Journey: How I changed my life, me | 9780717194933 | Jennifer Carroll

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Published:23/03/2023 by Gill


After years of emotional eating, Jennifer Carroll weighed 25st 8lbs. She felt unhappy and trapped by both her weight and her relationship. When her son was born, she made the decision to leave an abusive relationship, move home and drastically overhaul her lifestyle. By changing her eating habits she lost half her body weight in a year, and then began working with a personal trainer. As she got stronger physically and mentally, every part of her life improved.

Jen shares her remarkable story as well as the recipes and habits that have led to her 12-stone weight loss. She describes how she overcame her struggles with emotional eating and learned to love exercise. Jen’s recipes are simple to make, packed with flavour and will fill you up while you reach your goals.

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