It’s Potty Time!: Say “goodbye” to nappies!


It’s Potty Time!: Say “goodbye” to nappies! | 9780241559031 | Samantha Meredith

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Format:Board book

Published:12/05/2022 by Penguin Random House Children'


Help your toddler to say “goodbye” to nappies in this new potty-training board book from Ladybird Books.

A potty is a special place. It is a toilet just for you.
You sit down on a potty to do a wee or poo!
So, instead of using nappies, and when the loo’s too big to climb,
You can learn to use a potty – for now it’s POTTY TIME!

Written with the UK’s leading toilet-training expert, Amanda Jenner, this shaped, rhyming potty book helps to make potty-training accessible and fun for ALL toddlers.

It’s Potty Time is a child-friendly guide that takes young readers through the journey of potty-training, using clear, practical text and engaging illustrations.

There are also practical tips for parents on every page!

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