Ireland’s Secret War

by Marc McMenamin


Ireland’s Secret War | 9780717192885 | Marc McMenamin

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:14/04/2022 by Gill


Ireland’s Secret War is a thrilling account of the true extent of Irish-Allied co-operation during World War II. It reveals strategic Nazi intentions for Ireland and the real role of leading government figures of the time, placing Dan Bryan and G2 firmly at the centre of Ireland’s battle against Nazi Germany.

With the help of over thirty-five hours of previously unpublished audio recordings that were held in storage in northern California for over fifty years, Marc McMenamin reveals the extraordinary unheard history of WWII in Ireland, told from the point of view of the main protagonists.

Written with the verve and energy of a thriller, Ireland’s Secret War reassesses the legacy of the Irish contribution to the Allied war effort through the voices of those involved at the time.

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