Ireland’s Heart: Best Loved Poems of W.B


Ireland’s Heart: Best Loved Poems of W.B | 9780717190867 | W.B. Yeats

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Published:23/08/2022 by Gill


W.B. Yeats was one of Ireland’s greatest writers and arguably the finest twentieth-century poet in the English language. This book brings together over seventy of his poems from all stages of Yeats’s extraordinary life: a wonderful legacy that shows, without a doubt, that his heart belonged to Ireland – ‘I am’, he wrote, ‘of Ireland’. Each poem is beautifully complemented by a wide range of paintings, prints and drawings, the majority by Irish or Irish-based artists and often ones who were contemporaries of the poet. Many of the pictures can be seen in Irish public collections, particularly the National Gallery of Ireland. Complete with a detailed introduction and brief notes on the artists, this is the perfect gift for any Yeats fan.

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