Ireland Under Austerity: Neoliberal Crisis, Neoliberal Solutions

by Colin Coulter


Ireland Under Austerity: Neoliberal Crisis, Neoliberal Solutions | 9780719091995 | Colin Coulter

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:29/07/2015 by Manchester University Press


Once held up as a ‘poster child’ for untrammeled capitalist globalisation, the Irish Republic has more recently come to represent a cautionary tale for those tempted to tread the same neoliberal path. The crash in the world economy had especially grave repercussions for Ireland, and a series of austerity measures has seen the country endure what some consider the most substantial ‘adjustment’ ever experienced in a developed society during peacetime.

In this collection of essays, a range of academics, economists and political commentators delineate the reactionary course that Ireland has followed since the ignominious demise of the Celtic Tiger. They argue that the forces of neoliberalism have employed the economic crisis they caused to advance policies that are in their own narrow interests, and that the host of regressive measures imposed since the onset of global recession has fundamentally restructured Irish society.

The book provides a critical account of a society that has more often than most mapped out the pernicious cycle of boom and bust that remains an essential hallmark of contemporary capitalism. — .