by Amina Cain


Indelicacy | 9781911547587 | Amina Cain

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:03/09/2020 by Daunt Books



An elegant, haunting debut from an exciting new voice that reads like a modern classic

In an undefined era and place, a cleaning woman at a museum of art aspires to do more than simply dust the paintings around her. She dreams of having the liberty to explore them in writing, and so must find the way to win herself the security and time to use her mind. She escapes her lot by marrying a rich man, but having gained a husband, a house, high society and a maid, she finds that her new life of privilege is no less constrained. Not only has she taken up different forms of time-consuming labour – social and erotic – but she is now, however passively, forcing other women to clean up after her. Perhaps another and more drastic solution is necessary?

Indelicacy is an exquisite gem of a novel about class, desire, friendship, art, and the battle to find one?s true calling.

‘Her bone-clean prose creates a sense of immersion in a story that feels both mythic and true… A woman’s search for creativity is not a new subject, yet Cain has made it so.’ ? Guardian

‘A beguiling book?Cain’s book casts aside conventions, explanations, detail. Our narrator is focused on the unshakeable drive to achieve self-determination and independence… There are remarkable things in this book.’ Financial Times

‘A thing of real delicacy, with a fine, distilled quality to the writing, every word precisely chosen, precisely placed.’ ? Observer

‘An extraordinary feminist fable about women and art.’? Irish Times

‘Narrated with gnomic mystery as well as lethally disarming candour, it’s a slim novel with the heft of a much larger one.’ ? Daily Mail

‘A slip of a novel, Indelicacy can easily be read in one sitting… Cain’s writing also feels brilliantly, eerily contemporary.’ ? Vogue

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