I, Antigone

by Carlo Gebler


I, Antigone | 9781848408142 | Carlo Gebler

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Published:03/09/2021 by New Island Books


Major new retelling of the life and pre-life of Oedipus Rex, as written by his daughter Antigone

After her father?s death in exile, Antigone returns to Thebes determined to set the record straight and restore her father?s reputation. Tracing the histories of Oedipus and his parents Laius and Jocasta, as well as the peripheral characters of the plays who had a central role in him fulfilling his destiny, Antigone?s ?biography? causes us to re-evaluate the extent to which any of us can be entirely blamed for the actions by which we will be defined. Ending with Antigone making a conscious choice to reclaim her brother?s corpse from the battlefield, an act of defiance which will guarantee her own death, the book ultimately meditates on the illusion of free will, and the warning that context is everything, I, ANTIGONE will be a major contribution to the reclaimed classics.

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