How to Deal with Poxes (on a Daily Basis

by Aoife Dooley


How to Deal with Poxes (on a Daily Basis | 9780717179466 | Aoife Dooley

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Published:13/10/2017 by Gill


With her second book comedienne and illustrator Aoife Dooley is on a mission. There’s been a growing epidemic of poxes and buzz-wreckers everywhere and something needs to be done.

What’s a pox? Oh, you know them. The man on public transport who opens a filthy chicken fillet roll beside you first thing in the morning, your co-worker who corners you in a conversation about their children for half an hour, the people who saunter into a shop at 8.59 pm when it’s closing at 9.00 pm – but fear not, Aoife has a solution for every poxy situation.

Aoife’s comical, astute observations paired with her brilliant illustrations make How to Deal with Poxes a must-have survival guide because, let’s face it, there’s always some pox wrecking your buzz on a daily basis.

‘The Ross O’Carroll Kelly of the Northside’ The Sun

‘Razor-sharp observational humour – has the zeitgeisty quotability of a contemporary Roddy Doyle’ The Irish Times