How Big Is Baby?

by Kirsten Hall


How Big Is Baby? | 9781452173825 | Kirsten Hall

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Published:15/04/2021 by Chronicle Books


What’s in Mommy’s tummy? Lift the flaps to learn all about how a new baby grows!

There’s a baby inside Mommy’s tummy! But how big is it? What does it look like? Lift the flaps to learn all about how a new baby grows in this sweet book for expecting families.

With a sturdy case and nine durable lift-the-flaps inside-one for each month until baby arrives!-this sweet novelty board book will charm new-siblings-to-be and become a go-to purchase for families with young children who are expecting a new little one.

* NEW BABY GIFT: This stylish and deluxe package makes the perfect baby shower gift, and gift for an older sibling. The larger trim size, sturdy case, and numerous flaps inside ensure great value.

* EVERYDAY COMPARISONS: On each spread our family compares the baby to a different food-much like the popular apps used by expecting moms. This relatable comparison will make the size and growth of the new baby tangible for young kids.

* VETTED BY EXPERTS: Fact-checked and vetted by experts, this book features accurate and accessible information on how a baby grows. Answer young kids’ questions in a way that’s fun, informative-and tactile!

* INCLUSIVE: Many different kinds of families will see themselves in these characters! And most importantly, it features a loving mother-child relationship.

* STYLISH PACKAGE: Modern and playful illustrations from up-and-coming illustrator, Aki, will appeal to hip new parents and grandparents alike.

Perfect for:

* Expecting parents and their toddlers

* Anyone looking for the perfect gift for a baby shower

* Anyone gifting the older-sibling-to-be

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