Housing in Ireland: Beyond the Markets


Housing in Ireland: Beyond the Markets | 9781910393413 | Lorcan Sirr

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Published:28/02/2022 by Institute of Public Administra


Perhaps unsurprisingly, given how much money is spent on housing from multiple perspectives, a lot of discussion and analysis of housing ? from policy to delivery ? revolves not around issues of regulation, transport, gender, health and so on, but around the various internal subsectors of housing (private rental, social and private housing) and their respective markets. Issues in housing policy and outcomes are often couched in the economic narratives of price, value, costs, yields and opportunities. Indeed, due to the impact of (sometimes surprisingly ill-informed) discussion of the economics of development and the emphasis on market impacts, much analysis of housing provision sees construction as the beginning of the housing process rather than something that should be the outcome of analysis of its relationship with other, related issues. In other words, the physical manifestation of housing should be the culmination of other processes and not the start.

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