Grand | 9781844886500 | Noelle McCarthy


Format:Paperback / softback

Published:15/06/2023 by Penguin Books Ltd


‘Desperately funny, hysterically sad, so beautiful and so humane. All of life is in it’ Meg Mason

Quick-witted, charismatic and generous; angry, vicious and hurt; in pubs all over Cork City, Noelle McCarthy’s mother Carol rages against her life and everything she’s lost.

As soon as she can, in the early years of the millennium, Noelle runs away. All the way to New Zealand. Yet, the demons of the past give chase and Noelle seems fated to throw away her future, just like her mother. Somehow, she gets out of the hole and makes a new life. But then Carol gets sick, and finally it’s time to face the past and everything that’s waiting back home.

Grand is a dazzlingly honest memoir about becoming a modern woman.

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