From Ten Till Dusk


From Ten Till Dusk | 9781915408075 | Cristín Leach

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:02/11/2023 by Merrion Press


A beautiful portrait of Ireland’s premier cultural institution on the 200th anniversary of its founding.

The reader is taken on a journey through the Academy’s storied history through the prism of twelve diverse perspectives.

The most significant characters involved in the rich legacy of the Academy have their stories told through Cristín Leach’s unique style.

Top Irish art critic Cristín Leach weaves history and art to present us with the diverse perspectives of twelve key figures from the rich 200-year lifespan of the Royal Hibernian Academy of Arts. In a multi-form narrative, Cristín Leach puts a face to the people who made the Royal Hibernian Academy of Arts the goliath that it is within Irish cultural life. These characters are brought to life through Cristín Leach’s innovative research and style by giving them voice and circumstance – an intimately human touch to this story. Through historical fiction, diary entries, critic-fiction, letters and poetry, From Ten till Dusk is the dramatic and tumultuous story of an institution which has been central to Irish national life for 200 years.

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