Fish Can Sing

by Halldor Laxness


Fish Can Sing | 9781860469343 | Halldor Laxness

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:28/09/2001 by Vintage Publishing


Abandoned as a baby, Alfgrimur is content to spend his days as a fisherman living in the turf cottage outside Reykjavik with the elderly couple he calls grandmother and grandfather. There he shares the mid-loft with a motley bunch of eccentrics and philosophers who find refuge in the simple respect for their fellow men that is the ethos at the Brekkukot. But the narrow horizons of Alfgrimur’s idyllic childhood are challenged when he starts school and meets Iceland’s most famous singer, the mysterious Garoar Holm. Garoar encourages him to aim for the ‘one true note’, but how can he attain it without leaving behind the world that he loves?

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