Fidel Castro

by Nick Caistor


Fidel Castro | 9781780230900 | Nick Caistor

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:01/02/2013 by Reaktion Books


The Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro is one of the most written-about men in the world today. Most approaches to his life are either glowing hagiographies, or critical rants in which he is portrayed as a dictator who has kept the island of Cuba under his heel for the past fifty years. By contrast, Nick Caistor brings together personal details and a discussion of the ideas driving Castro throughout his life; his ultimate aim is to give readers the opportunity to judge for themselves whether or not, as Castro himself once said, ‘history will absolve me’. Fidel Castro not only brought revolution to Cuba, he wielded power there almost unchallenged for nearly fifty years; finally stepping down at the age of 81, due to ill health, in February 2008. Broadcaster and journalist Nick Caistor has interviewed a huge variety of those who have known Castro at different times in his life, and who range from bitter opponents to his staunchest allies. Their stories and opinions in this book enliven the debate about the Cuban leader’s choices, strengths and weaknesses.