Eyes of Terror and Other Dark Adventures

by L. T. Meade


Eyes of Terror and Other Dark Adventures | 9781783800391 | L. T. Meade

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Published:01/09/2021 by The Swan River Press


Despite her wide contributions to genre literature, Irish author L.T. Meade is now remembered, if at all, for her girls’ school stories. However, in 1898 the Strand Magazine, famous its fiction of crime, detection, and the uncanny, proclained Meade one of its most popular writers for her contributions to its signature fare. Her stories, widely published in fin de siecle magazines, included classics tales of the supernatural, but her speciality was medical or scientific mysteries featuring doctors, scientists, occult detectives, criminal women with weird powers, unusual medical interventions, fantastic scientific devices, murder, mesmerism, and manifestations of insanity. Eyes of Terror and Other Dark Adventures is the first collection to showcase the best of her pioneering strange fiction.

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