Erotica:Illust History Vol3

by Charlotte Hill


Erotica:Illust History Vol3 | 9780316877664 | Charlotte Hill

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Published:07/11/1996 by Little, Brown & Company


The final volume in the “Illustrated Anthology of Erotica” trilogy, this work is a journey from the erotica of the ancient world to the work of contemporary photographers and artists. It discusses the centres of Western culture which have made the greatest contribution to our erotic heritage: Venice and Vienna, London and Paris. A celebration of our rich sexual inheritance, the book examines the influences of ancient Eastern civilizations upon Western eroticism and looks at “new” features of the sexuality of 1990s culture. The selection of texts includes material from the large collections of forbidden books in the world’s great libraries and there are some discoveries about the authors of the “anonymous” erotica of the Victorian era. Above all this is a book about the fun and joy of sex.