Enbury Heath

by Stella Gibbons


Enbury Heath | 9781784877194 | Stella Gibbons

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:05/08/2021 by Vintage Publishing


‘Don’t show proper feelin’, does it, not turnin’ up for ‘is dad’s funeral?’

Siblings Sophia, Harry and Francis have lost both their parents in the last six months. Attending the funeral for their estranged father, they wonder what will become of them now that the last connection to their difficult childhood has been severed. What have they inherited – financially and emotionally – to guide them to adulthood, and build a new home together?

Enbury Heath is a semi-autobiographical account of the years which Gibbons and her brothers spent living in a cottage in Hampstead Heath: a wonderfully astute, bittersweet novel about family, grief, money, and the pleasures of London.

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