Elegy for Mary Turner: An Illustrated Account of a Lynching

by Rachel Marie-Crane Williams


Elegy for Mary Turner: An Illustrated Account of a Lynching | 9781788739047 | Rachel Marie-Crane Williams

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:16/03/2021 by Verso Books


In late May 1918 in Valdosta, Georgia, ten black men and one black woman, Mary Turner, eight months pregnant at the time, were lynched and tortured by mobs of white citizens. Through hauntingly detailed full-color artwork and collage, Elegy for Mary Turner names those who were killed, identifies the killers, and evokes a landscape in which the NAACP investigated the crimes when the state would not, when white citizens baked pies and flocked to see black corpses, and when black people fought to make their lives-and their mourning-matter.

With introductions from C. Tyrone Forehand, great grand-nephew of Mary and Hayes Turner, whose family has long campaigned for the deaths to be remembered; abolitionist activist and educator Mariame Kaba, reflecting on the violence visited on black women’s bodies; and historian Julie Buckner Armstrong, who opens a window onto the broader scale of lynching’s terror in American history.

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