Either/Or: A Fragment of Life

by Alastair Hannay


Either/Or: A Fragment of Life | 9780140445770 | Alastair Hannay

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:28/05/1992 by Penguin Books Ltd


In Either/Or, using the voices of two characters – the aesthetic young man of part one, called simply ‘A’, and the ethical Judge Vilhelm of the second section – Kierkegaard reflects upon the search for a meaningful existence, contemplating subjects as diverse as Mozart, drama, boredom, and, in the famous Seducer’s Diary, the cynical seduction and ultimate rejection of a young, beautiful woman. A masterpiece of duality, Either/Or is a brilliant exploration of the conflict between the aesthetic and the ethical – both meditating ironically and seductively upon Epicurean pleasures, and eloquently expounding the noble virtues of a morally upstanding life.