Earth’s Black Chute


Earth’s Black Chute | 9781905002924 | Cian Ferriter

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Reviews of Earth’s Black Chute

Jude Nutter: ‘I have fallen out of the world…’ writes Cian Ferriter: ‘I can go no further.’ And what marvellous falls and distances these poems contain, and what treasures this poet brings back in poem after poem. There is such marvellous reach here – into earth, stone, clay, ocean, history –and a deep, visceral love for the land and for the generations who haunt these poems. There are images of great power and tenderness. We are lucky to be gifted such poems.

John McAuliffe: Cian Ferriter’s poems look carefully at the world, detecting its tremors and edges, its signs and wonders, ‘murmurings and moanings taking flight, / loosening of entrails and fire’. These are poems of family and also, boldly, poems of a Republic. Their finely caught images escape easy definition, recovering scenes which retain their mystery.

Tom French: His ‘Hem’ is one sentence and an utter gem. I find myself tantalised by the world of these poems. In Ferriter’s well-wrought stanzas the macabre and the quotidian lie down together. The horror and the beauty of the world are everywhere.

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