Earth-Bound and Other Supernatural Tales

by Dorothy Macardle


Earth-Bound and Other Supernatural Tales | 9781783807383 | Dorothy Macardle

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:01/09/2020 by The Swan River Press


‘Tis these places are haunted,” he said, “by the old Chieftains and Kings.” – “Earth-Bound”

Originally published in 1924, the nine tales that comprise Earth-Bound were written by Dorothy Macardle while she was held a political prisoner in Dublin’s Kilmainham Gaol and Mountjoy Prison. The stories incorporate themes that intrigued her throughout her life; themes out of the myths and legends of Ireland; ghostly interventions, dreams and premonitions, clairvoyance, and the Otherworld in parallel with this one. It is so easy to dismiss them, as some have, merely as part of the narrative of “Irish nationalism” of the time, but it is the supernatural elements that make them much more. She would revisit these themes in later works such as her classic haunted house novel The Uninvited (1941). To this new edition of Macardle’s debut collection, reprinted for the first time in ninety years, we have added four more tales of the supernatural.

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