Dear Selected Brian O’Doherty 1970s-2018

by Brenda Moore-McCann


Dear Selected Brian O’Doherty 1970s-2018 | 9781916468207 | Brenda Moore-McCann

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:28/09/2018 by Brenda McCann


Brian O’Doherty is a unique figure internationally.As conveyed vividly in this book of letters, his career has been conducted by two distinct personae, Brian O’Doherty, a pioneer of Conceptual Art and Patrick Ireland (1972-2008), an early installation artist.The tone of the letters varies according to whom he is writing but they are always erudite and witty and give a special insight into a multifaceted and unusual practice.The immediacy and intimacy of the personal letter is frequently enlivened by the inclusion of occasional drawings, hand-written notes and comments on current social and political events. The letters also document, often for the first time, the background to many series of works such as the Rope Drawing installations from 1973 to the present. As such they provide insights into one of the most important periods of change in art history.