Dead Rich


Dead Rich | 9781529420029 | G W Shaw

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Published:26/05/2022 by Quercus Publishing


Part locked-room suspense, part adventure story, Dead Rich is unforgettable.

‘Totally gripping’ Jane Casey

‘A fresh, high-octane . . . thriller’ Vaseem Khan



Super yachts are secretive, like their owners. Like castles, they are created to inspire awe. Like castles too, they are defended. They are an entire world, separate from the rest of us.

Kai, a carefree once-successful musician is invited by his new Russian girlfriend Zina to join her family’s Caribbean holiday. Impulsively accepting he learns that Zina is the daughter of a Russian oligarch, Stepan Pirumov and that the trip is aboard his yacht, the Zinaida, moored in St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.

On arrival Kai discovers that the head of security has been arrested, armed guards are below deck, there’s an onboard panic room and a strong sense of all not being quite right beneath the gleaming surfaces of the Pirumov’s lives. An unnerving presence punctures the atmosphere: a murderous imposter is on board the Zinaida, but who is it?

Kai will find that the only person he can trust will be Erin and that the world of the super-rich will become a prison from which they must escape.

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