Conspiracy of Lies

by Frank Connolly


Conspiracy of Lies | 9781781176627 | Frank Connolly

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:05/04/2019 by The Mercier Press Ltd


Three big bangs shook Dublin in May 1974.

Angie and Joe meet in the wake of the single worst atrocity of the Troubles. Brought together by the effect of the bombings on their lives, these two young people set out on a quest to discover who is responsible, facing confrontation with dark forces in Irish and British society.

This thriller is set among the cultural and political life of Dublin in the 1970s. Angie and Joe’s relationship deepens as they delve into the shocking political and criminal landscape surrounding those in high places with the blood of innocents on their hands. But the more they find out, the deeper they become embroiled in a world they don’t understand, and the consequences could be devastating.