Cinderella: An art deco fairy tale

by Lynn Roberts


Cinderella: An art deco fairy tale | 9781843653196 | Lynn Roberts

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:11/08/2016 by Pavilion Books


Cinderella moves into the era of flapper girls and the Charleston in a new telling of this famous rags-to-riches tale.

Blinded by love, Cinderella’s father marries unwisely and brings home a heartless wife, and her bossy and wicked daughters, Elvira and Ermintrude. They will stop at nothing to make life miserable for Cinderella.

On the day of a grand ball at the Palace, the wicked stepfamily get dressed in their finery to attend, leaving poor Cinders behind. However, Cinderella is visited by a kind fairy godmother, with exquisite fashion sense. In her beautiful beaded dress and glass slippers, Cinderella catches Prince Roderick’s heart, but then on the stroke of midnight has to desert him. Will true love find a way to bring them back together again?

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