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Amber Connell | The Snail
Conor Crummey | The Good People
Rebecca Ferrier | Lady Garden
Niamh Mac Cabe | Some Soft Error
Rosa Mäkelä | Molluscs
Podge Meehan | Paradise Pizza
Declan Toohey | Screech

Chris Powici | The Naming of Streams

Sean Cho A. | Tonight,
Lorelei Bacht | Tortoiseshell
Annette C. Boehm | Billy the Kid vs. Dracula & Provision
Christine Butterworth-McDermott | Prayer for Hope, with Camellia & The Silver Birch
Lauren Camp | Yarrow & Letter
Natalie Crick | Sister as Spirit Animal & Wolf Takes My Hand
Jerry Dennis | Two Fogs
Peter Kenny | Snow on the Hillfort
Andrew Kozma | Ode to the Bedbug & Ode to the Guinea Worm
Tom McLaughlin | Huerta de San Vicente & Prospect Cottage
Thomas Mixon | Podzol, or Apocalypse with Interruptions
Carolyn Oliver | Archangel Days
Rory O’Sullivan | Sherkin Island
John Joseph Ryan | Equinox
Angeline Schellenberg | Do you think NASA invented thunderstorms to cover up the sound of space battles?
Grace Wells | Amhlaoibh O’Súilleabháin Meets the Woman from Poll an Chapaill bog
Leonore Wilson | Of What Resists & Resurges

Cover art: White Rock, 9:00 a.m. October #1, from the series Into the Sea, by Gerry Blake

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