Can Dentists Be Trusted?

by Martina Evans


Can Dentists Be Trusted? | 9780856463761 | Martina Evans

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:01/11/2004 by Carcanet Press Ltd


Martina Evans’ third collection of poems begins and ends in the dentist’s chair. In between come stories ranging from an Irish childhood to present-day London, featuring voices from the poet’s own to those of her family, her cat, and a supporting cast of hectoring lawyers, born bores and rambling mothers. Evans combines a novelist’s gift for creating compelling narratives and capturing conversational idiosyncracies with a poet’s ability to condense and refine, making “Can Dentists Be Trusted?” a book that will delight the many who enjoyed its acclaimed predecessor “All Alcoholics Are Charmers” (1998).

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