Build Your Own: Use what you have to cre


Build Your Own: Use what you have to cre | 9780717192649 | Harrison Gardner

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Published:07/04/2022 by Gill


Making, maintaining and mending our own homes is part of what makes us human. It is a skill that was alive and well until just two or three generations ago. Harrison Gardner is a man on a mission to help us rediscover the lost art of building our own while leaving a more harmonious mark on the environment.

Build Your Own explores the principles of construction and outlines a multitude of practices and methods that enable you to build a home with the materials available to you. Practical techniques, such as plastering, moving earth, basic demolition, installing insulation, building internal walls and attaching cladding, are demystified and made easy.

Whether you plan to build your own structure, are curious about the idea or are dealing with construction workers, Build Your Own is an essential tool that shows that anyone can learn to build – and perhaps everyone should.

‘A revolutionary book … within it is the knowledge to empower you to shape and craft your own living space.’ Manchan Magan

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