Brehon Laws: The Ancient Wisdom of Ireland


Brehon Laws: The Ancient Wisdom of Ireland | 9781788491075 | Jo Kerrigan

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Published:16/03/2020 by O'Brien Press Ltd


A fascinating look at the lifestyle and values of ancient Ireland

Thousands of years ago, Celtic Ireland was a land of tribes and warriors; but a widely accepted, sophisticated and surprisingly enlightened legal system kept society running smoothly.

The brehons were the keepers of these laws, which dealt with every aspect of life: land disputes; recompense for theft or violence; marriage and divorce processes; the care of trees and animals.

Transmitted orally from ancient times, the laws were transcribed by monks around the fifth century, and what survived was translated by nineteenth-century scholars.

Jo Kerrigan has immersed herself in these texts, revealing fascinating details that are inspiring for our world today.

With atmospheric photographs by Richard Mills, an accessible introduction to a hidden gem of Irish heritage

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