Bowen’s Court & Seven Winters

by Elizabeth Bowen


Bowen’s Court & Seven Winters | 9780099287797 | Elizabeth Bowen

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:06/05/1999 by Vintage Publishing


Bowen’s Court describes the history of one Anglo-Irish family in County Cork from the Cromwellian settlement until 1959, when Elizabeth Bowen was forced to sell the family house she loved. Bowen reviews ten generations of her family, representatives of the Protestant Irish gentry whose lives were dominated by property, lawsuits, formidable matriarchs, violent conflicts, hunting, drinking, and self-destructive fantasies.

Seven Winters recalls with endearing candour Bowen’s family and her Dublin childhood as seen through the eyes of a child who could not read till she was seven and who fed her imagination only on sights and sounds.

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