Black Flags of the Caribbean: How Trinid

by Dr Simon Cottee

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Black Flags of the Caribbean: How Trinid | 9780755616923

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:25/03/2021 by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC


The Caribbean does not immediately come to mind when we think about ISIS – and yet, in 2017, Trinidad and Tobago ranked first place in the list of western countries with the highest rates of foreign-fighter radicalization, with over 240 nationals travelling to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS’ caliphate.

Simon Cottee investigates how ISIS came to gain such an unlikely, yet significant foothold in Trinidad. Based on a three-year investigation in the country, featuring interviews the families and friends of those who left to join the jihad, Muslim activists and community leaders, imams, politicians, and intelligence agents, this book presents the social forces and communities in Trinidad that have been affected by ISIS.

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